*If your group is playing paintball you need to have a PAINTBALL WAIVER FORM filled out for each member of your group that is playing. Forms need to be signed by the legal parent or guardian of all minors. The Paintball Waiver Form is an additional form apart from our standard Hold Harmless Waiver, and groups who arrive without signed Paintball Waivers will not be allowed to play.

Perfect for Youth Groups, Birthday Parties, or groups of any age.

We can tailor the day to the needs of your group.  This is a great ice-breaker activity for men’s groups, women’s groups, or single’s groups.

Come have a blast and bust some paint on your friends or co-workers!

  • Huge Woods-Ball Field
  • Tippman 98 ACT Markers
  • Scenario Games
  • Hidden Bunkers, Forts, and Spider Holes
  • 2 Villages for Team Play
  • We can now accommodate groups of up to 25 players!

All Participants using Rented Gear must purchase Paintballs from Bethel.  Participants MAY NOT bring their own Paintballs.  Please fill out your contract with the amount of paint you desire to purchase.  Approximately 300 – 500 rounds per person will usually last the 3 hour session (morning session or afternoon session available for Weekend Retreat Groups, morning session only Available for Day Event Groups).  Approximately 2 or 3 Cases of Paint per 10 players will last 3 hours depending on how ‘trigger happy’ your group is.